Message From Jack Chick May/June 2010

Dear Ones in Christ,

Let me share a story I heard years ago about a wealthy Chinese family who owned a Mercedes Benz dealership in one of the major cities in China. World War II was almost over but in China the communists were moving to take the nation. Their leader was Mao Zedong who slaughtered millions of Chinese. The force defending China was the nationalists under General Chang Kai-shek.

The wealthy Chinese family were Christian believers with lots of money in the bank. In fact, it was a fortune. Eventually their city was hit by the communist forces and General Chang Kai-shek`s army fought to save the city, but it fell. His army fled to Taiwan. China went communist. The banks were taken over and all their money was lost.

The Christian family lost their beautiful home and joined the refugees on the roads. Then they realized that their money could have been used for the Lord`s work to win souls. The lost opportunity made them feel so guilty before the Lord. They were heartbroken because everything was gone.

Beloved, believe it or not, the same thing could very well happen here if there is a revolution or runaway inflation. When we leave this planet, we go empty. Think about the lost multitudes worldwide. Good gospel literature in the hands of faithful soul winners laboring throughout the world will greatly increase the harvest. We need to help them before our money takes wings and flies away like it did for that family in China.

Pray about it. The night is coming.
God bless and protect you.

Yours for the lost.

Jack T. Chick, President
Chick Publications, Inc.

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