Message From Jack Chick November/December 2015

Dear ones in Christ,

When I got saved in 1948, a sword came into my parents` home (See Matthew 10:34-36). Because I was born again, it caused shockwaves. My mom told all her friends and relatives "Jackie has gone crazy on religion!" It`s true, my sparkler was lit.

I had gotten married, and on our honeymoon my Canadian Christian mother-in-law (who disliked me because I was an American) pressured me to listen to "The Old Fashioned Revival Hour." I did, and God saved me that night.

When I introduced my wife to my family, the first words out of my dad`s mouth were "Your mother sure ****** ruined my son!"

From then on, things started going downhill. When I was in my 40s in a conversation with my mom, she said, "I didn`t want you when I was pregnant, and tried every way under the sun to abort you." POW! The Devil almost took me out!

The next blow was when my daughter`s husband demanded their unborn child be aborted. I didn`t find out until months later that my grandchild had been murdered.

It was then that I wrote Baby Talk and Who Murdered Clarice? My daughter was a wreck. She wept and mourned every anniversary of that baby`s terrible death. Things like this impact everyone. This crime is one of the reasons God will soon judge America.

Please use "Baby Talk" and "Who Murdered Clarice?" There are more babies with us now as a result of those tracts.

God bless and protect you and all unborn children.

Your brother in Christ,

Jack Chick

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