Message From Jack Chick September/October 2012

Dear ones in Christ,

When I first became a daddy, I loved little babies. Their sparkle, their tiny toes, shiny eyes, and laughter made me want to hug them. Their little heads smell so clean and nice. Then comes the tiny teeth. What a miracle. Each child is such a blessing. My baby was born in 1952. That babyhood fades away so fast. Just like life, it goes so fast.

But today, such a tremendous change. When I smile at a little kid, the grandma pushing the little kid glares back. I understand she`s protecting her grandchild for fear of someone taking him. America has gone to the dogs.

I look at children today and want to weep. What chance do they have? America is going communist. Most people don`t know it but the term "progressive" is the new word for communism.

What have they done to our kids? Following Soviet Russia`s pattern, no Bible reading, graduates can be punished for thanking Jesus in an assembly. The 10 commandments are gone, along with prayer. The schools and government have turned many of our kids into pagans. We have lawlessness; riots are in the wind.

And what shall we do for our kids? Beloved, use our tracts. Pray with your little ones. Outside the house it`s a zoo. Our schools are now government schools. We must teach them how to obey God in a hostile world.

My dear friend, Bill Eubanks, missionary to Zimbabwe, believes, like myself, that Africa will go Muslim. Bill passes our tracts to kids in Africa. They take them like $20 bills.

World War III is just around the corner and for the Lord`s sake do your best to get our tracts into the hands of as many kids as you can. The scriptures inside them are from the Lord.

May God richly bless you and give you courage to do this.

Jack T. Chick, President
Chick Publications, Inc.

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