Muslim Debater No Match for Christian Author

Muslim recruiters are likely to have a much more difficult time on one California University Campus. Author Robert Morey had been asked to participate in a series of campus debates on the differences between Islam and Christianity.

The first session went so well for Morey that when he arrived a week later for the second one, all he found was a lecture hall full of students and a stack of fliers explaining that his Muslim opponent was not going to show up because he considered it wrong to attack another religion.

Morey used the evening to explain to the crowd that he had hoped to discuss with the scholar the Hadith, a collection of books of the Traditions of Islam. It is revered by the Muslim as a sacred source of religious law and moral guidance. All major Muslim scholars agree that the Quran cannot be understood without the Hadith.

But it is also a source of great embarrassment for Islam which counts on the western ignorance of it and its effect on Islamic life. Morey explained that without the Hadith, no Muslim would know how to pray, to give alms, treat his wife, or which shoe to put on first.

Parts of the Hadith are so rooted in 7th century superstition that any honest Muslim must admit it is silly to consider them of divine origin. Adam is described as 90 feet tall; Muhammad once used his sword to cut the moon in half; he calmed a crying baby palm tree by caressing its trunk and once ate "shouting bread" which loudly praised Allah while he chewed. It also explains how the devil creeps into your nose at night and must be flushed out with water in the morning.

Morey's gentle, yet direct, presentation of these facts led to a lively question and answer session. Christians present questioned how to best approach a Muslim with the gospel. Morey suggested that the Muslim must feel that the Christian has his best interest at heart even while showing him how he is worshipping the wrong god.

Many Muslims have a deep suspicion that something is wrong with the dead ritual of Islam, but never have encountered a Christian who could explain it to them in a way that was not a put-down.

Many Muslims have immigrated to the U.S. and other western nations. They are often only nominal Muslims wishing to truly know God. The soul winner who is able to discuss Islam intelligently and compassionately with the Muslim, is likely to find a rich harvest right in his own neighborhood.

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