Native Americans Now Have Their Own Chick Tract

Chick Publications has received repeated requests for tracts from missionaries to the Native Americans. Since many of them are only semiliterate, the tract One Way! was chosen to be redrawn to include Indian characters and given a new title, The True Path.

There are approximately 2 million people in the U.S. who claim significant Indian ancestry. Over 800,000 live on tribal lands or reservations. The rest are considered urban Indians and have integrated with the rest of the population. Yet, many of them maintain a significant identity with their heritage by wearing distinctive Indian clothing or jewelry and belong to tribal associations.

The True Path is simple enough for the uneducated, yet communicates clearly the basic gospel message to anyone. If you know missionaries to the American Indians, be sure to make this tract available to them to extend their outreach. If you live where you have contact with Native Americans, this simple, yet powerful tract will give you a way to get the gospel to them.

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