New Church In Dominican Republic After Saturation with Chick Tracts

Donations to our Missions Fund continue to pour in as many of you are helping provide free tracts to missionaries worldwide. We feel a great responsibility to use your donations effectively and to keep you updated on the projects we have going on. The following report is from the Dominican Republic, where you helped us send 20,000 tracts in February:

Shortly after they committed their lives to the Lord in 2006, Orlando and Austria Sanchez decided they were not just saved to sit in a congregation. They began by buying bibles for their friends and relatives.

Soon they expanded to handing out bibles, new testaments and Chick tracts on the streets and subways of New York City where they lived.

When an opening came up to expand their distribution of the gospel to the Dominican Republic, they began visiting there, taking clothing and other items needed by the deeply impoverished people.

"We went there with not only Bibles, new testaments and Chick tracts, but also with other items of need to help the people. We soon learned that out of all the literature we've given out, the one which had the most impact was the Chick tract because of the 'comic book' style in which it's written. People couldn't get their eyes off the tracts even as they walked the quiet streets of the town," writes Sanchez.

After a few visits, using Chick tracts to saturate a number of the towns, "we found the town ripe for further evangelism and teaching of the Word of God. So, after much thought and calculations, in 2009 we started to build the church the Lord had revealed to us," he continues.

Now that the church building is complete enough to be usable, they are reaching out to a wider area with their saturation of the gospel: "At the beginning the church members came directly as a result of our handing out of Chick tracts on our previous missionary trips and during the construction of the church. Now they even come from other churches looking for the strictly Bible based teachings of our ministry.

"And that's the reason we've adopted, from the beginning, the Chick tracts, because of their adherence to the written Word of God. We have two ways of passing out tracts. First, we 'comb' the entire town where the ministry is based by going door to door. Then, we do the same with all the nearby towns and villages up to two hours drive away."

As the church is under completion, leaders are being trained to shepherd the growing congregation. Despair is so rampant in the people that many commit suicide. Sanchez is currently planning a saturation with the tract, No Fear, to counter this evil.

This is just one of the many projects made possible by the Chick Missions Fund. In the past month, we have been able to provide free tracts to missionaries in Honduras, Myanmar, Guyana, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ukraine, Luxembourg, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Philippines, Zambia, Guatemala and Israel. Thank you for helping reach these countries with the gospel!!!

Many Christians want to provide Chick tracts to missionaries.

Although we are not legally structured as a non-profit, and therefore cannot give tax-deductible receipts, we definitely know how to get literature into missionaries` hands. They often write to us asking if anyone can help them get Chick tracts.

"I wanted to write & thank you for the tracts that you sent us through the Chick [Mission Fund]. We will put them to good use here in St. Vincent! The people are now coming to me, stopping me on the road for, as they call them the 'Little Books'. We just gave out a thousand! This new order will hold us for awhile. Again, Thank you for your kindness towards us!

God bless and again Thank You! Thank You!

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