New Spanish Bible Corrects Alexandrian Pollution

It seems that there is a new English Bible version every month. Not so in Spanish. Two translations have dominated since the early 20th century.

Both are called Reina Valera (RV) but are dated about 50 years apart: 1909 and 1960. These have roots in the Textus Receptus, the foundation of the King James Version in English.
However, to those roots were added changes from the Alexandrian stream of polluted manuscripts. Many were disturbed by this and some attempts at correction were made.

Since the turn of the century, a new version of the RV has appeared by a dedicated Spanish missionary, Humberto Gomez. A native of Mexico with a lifetime of ministry, he spent years meticulously comparing the 1960 RV to the 1602 and 1909 Reina Valera, the King James and Textus Receptus (TR) manuscripts. He carefully converted the polluted verses back to the KJV and TR meanings.

As Spanish Bible believers reviewed the first copies, they recognized this was unlike any Spanish Bible they had ever seen.  It brought conviction, doctrines were getting clearer, and they wanted copies right away. Gomez wanted to spend a few more years checking the text. The churches said, "We will help you." 

Spanish-speaking believers in over twelve countries reviewed and submitted corrections. In addition, Gomez submitted the text to Spanish and English linguists and experts in Greek and Hebrew.

After five years of testing and checking the text, now it is being published in its final form.
Here was a version doctrinally faithful to the TR stream as well as linguistically suitable for the modern Spanish world. Since the first printing, almost a hundred thousand copies have been sold amid increasing acclaim.

Teaching material using the Reina Valera Gomez (RVG) is being developed by various publishers. Chick Publications is releasing a Spanish version of the English booklet, Why the King James Bible is the Perfect Word of God.

Instead of the KJV, it features the RVG and is in Spanish. Like the English version, it is designed as a workbook-type teaching tool leading the student to understand how and why the RVG is God's word in Spanish. This new book, will build faith in your Spanish Sunday School and Bible class students in God's perfect word.

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