PG Rating for Christianity?

A movie rating of PG has been attached to an upcoming movie, apparently solely because it has a "pro-God theme." The film is called "Facing the Giants" and scheduled for release in September. Advanced promotion claims the PG rating is deserved because of "thematic elements."

The American Family Association is accusing the Motion Picture Association of America, the movie raters, of lumping Christianity in with violence, sex and profanity. The AFA emailed supporters that Hollywood moguls bitterly opposed to Christianity control the MPAA.

The plot of the movie includes a Christian high school football coach who uses his faith to fight the giants of fear and failure. Included is a medical miracle, answered prayers and messages from God. The AFA believes that a dialog between the coach and a student is what earned the PG rating.

The coach encourages the student to get God's help in changing his ways. He replies that not everyone believes "in all that honoring God and following Jesus stuff." The coach agrees that no one is forcing him but if he should accept it "it will change your life. You will never be the same."

The AFA decries the upside down approach by the Motion Picture Association, refusing to warn parents about movies that promote the homosexual lifestyle as positive but attaches a warning to a film that lifts up God's solution to the our "giants" in life.

Soul winners, we need to redouble our efforts at saturating our culture with the gospel. The TV and movie industry has been taken over by those who conspire against Christians. The only way we can fight back is by going to the people on the street.

Most powerful thing we can do is spread tracts that contain a strong biblical message. Even Americans who are not Christians need to be shown God did speak on today's issues. We need to spread salt, go to the grass roots and effect their thinking. The media is weakening the will of the masses. They need to hear what God has to say. He was not subtle about it. He does not slap wrists. He gives them up to reprobate minds, a terrible judgment. We must succeed in educating and inoculating the grass roots or we will be judged because we will be living next door.

Author Mark Cahill has done just that with thousands of people, witnessing to them one-on-one. In his book, One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven, he tell story after story of these conversations. After reading his book, the Christian who may be timid about face-to-face witnessing, will have a new confidence. We really do have Truth that can be defended. The Bible has real solutions to the problems of the culture -the only solutions.

The future of our country and the world depends on our diligence in "shouting this Truth from the housetops" and leaving powerful gospel tracts in phone booths.

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