Questions for Your Pastor (and Other Deceived Friends)

Today, finding a good church is a challenge. Deciding to look for a better church is a challenge. Of course, no church is perfect, but certain fundamentals are essential for your spiritual growth and that of your family.

Central to a "good" church, of course, is the "word of God." Every church worth considering will firmly state that they are founded on God`s word. But is that answer enough?

Unfortunately, finding the "word of God" among all the modern bibles, is not easy.

The first question your pastor must answer is: Do we have an infallible Bible today? Ask to see the church`s statement of faith and look at the section concerning the Bible. If it reads with a simple, generic statement such as: "We believe the Bible is the infallible word of God," they have dodged the issue. This leaves it open to any book with "Bible" on the cover.

If the statement of faith reads "infallible in the original autographs," he doesn`t believe that we have a reliable Bible today; only the first copies written by the apostles and prophets themselves are reliable.

If he insists that his Bible is God`s perfect word, ask him to look if there is a note at Mark 16:9-20. If there is one suggesting that that section is not in the "oldest and best manuscripts," ask him if he would preach on that section, since it may not be really part of what Mark wrote.

If he is still with you, move to Acts 8:37. If it is missing, ask him why. If he says it doesn`t matter, suggest he give you another good scripture to refute infant baptism.

Now, invite him to look at 1 Cor. 1:18.  Does his Bible declare us safely saved or are we just in the process of "being saved?"

Since many of the changes and deletions in the modern bibles favor Roman Catholic dogma, ask the pastor what his opinion is of the wafer god, Virgin Mary goddess, purgatory, praying to dead saints, and confession to a priest, taught by the Pope. A simple question might be to just ask: "Is the Pope saved?"

At this point, either the pastor has closed the conversation and you now know that his church is not for you, or he is intrigued with the discussion. If he appears ignorant, but open to further information about Satan`s monstrous conspiracy against God`s word, you can continue to show him how the modern bibles are slowly shifting to becoming just another religious document to be included with all the others in the end time —a one-world bible for the pope`s one world religion. 

Chick Publications has several paperback books on the Bible versions that explain in detail the monstrous plot against the word of God in the modern versions. Look What`s Missing lists, in great detail, missing words, phrases or whole verses in over 250 places in 41 popular Bible versions.

Why They Changed the Bible describes Satan`s plan to water down the Bible until it will fit with the literature of all the other religions into the end-time one-world "bible" for the coming one-world religion.

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