Satanists Pressure Schools for Equal Opportunity

In response to allowing Gideons to distribute free bibles, a Delta County, Colorado, school district is being forced to agree to allow satanic coloring books to also be distributed. For over 100 years, the Gideons have given millions of free Bibles and New Testaments to public school children. School officials have generally cooperated with this effort. But, in today's brave new world, opposition is rising from Satan's troops. The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), the Satanic Temple, and Western Colorado Atheists and Freethinkers pressured for equal access.

A precedent was set in Orange County, Florida last year where the school district spent $90,000 unsuccessfully resisting the pressure in court. School officials have a couple of choices; either allow all brands of literature in or rule all types out. Selecting one against another sets them up for charges of discrimination.

Parents, of course, often have few choices when trying to protecting their children's innocence. Some are moving to home schooling if parental time is available. Others look to private schools where funds permit. Many do not have these options. In any case, it comes down to parental involvement, guiding the child's understanding between the godly and ungodly.

In the flood released by the "information age," parents are hard pressed to sort the good from the not-so-good, as well as the evil. Before the internet, monitoring the child's books was relatively simple. Public schools were generally on the side of parents in guiding children to the wholesome. Now, evil is only a mouse click away, and the government schools have joined the enemy in many cases.

But this is an example of what happens to a culture when the salt and light of the gospel fades. Some are marching for government leaders to solve it by ever more restrictive policies. But government here cannot be the savior. America's founding fathers set up a level playing field for all religions —or lack thereof. Even when government backs the "right religion," lust for power soon sets in and persecution follows, usually focused on Bible believers.

Many parents write to Chick Publications, grateful for the unwavering stand for Truth in the tracts and books. They also appreciate our stand for the proven inspiration of the Classic English KJV Bible as the foundation for that Truth. One mother writes: "We are a family of ten (My husband and I with eight children who have grown up on Chick tracts). My husband found Chick tracts at phone booths and laundry mats growing up and they were seeds toward his salvation. The children absolutely LOVE passing them out to people, and just reading them themselves!"

Another parent wrote: "When my little children grew up and received Christ themselves, they used to love me to read a Chick tract to them in place of a bedtime story. Of course I had to make all the different voices but they loved it. Soon the older ones were reading them on their own.... They grew up on them as I did. They also learned about the falsehood of evolution and other important themes that Christians should take a stand on."

We are eternally grateful for the many such testimonies that have come to us over the years. To help parents select the right tract or book for the moment, all tracts can be read on our web site. Books and Comics are reviewed so you can see what will be helpful with your youngsters.