Some Good News in Our Schools

One of the most enduring and effective child evangelism efforts is the Good News Clubs sponsored by Child Evangelism Fellowship. It began in 1937 and is still reaching thousands of children each year. Playing off of the elimination of the Bible in our government schools, they organize their clubs so that the children, who get parents’ written approval, can attend on or near the school grounds.

They have successfully fought off attacks by atheists and anti-Christian school officials. One recent subterfuge that appears to have failed for lack of interest is Satan Clubs. Sponsored by the Satanic Temple, (not to be confused with the Church of Satan), they claim equal time with the Good News Clubs.

Fortunately, the Satan Clubs have not caught on in the schools for lack of interest, but that was not their real objective. The Satanic Temple is legally organized as a religion with IRS tax exemption. The ploy was to cause a reaction from parents and school boards that would panic the school officials into just shutting down all the clubs and thus eliminate the Good News Clubs.

Another attack came in 2001 when one school fought them all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court to claim that their program was a violation of the separation of church and state. The Good News Club v. Milford Central School District became a landmark case. The verdict established that religious clubs could not be eliminated if secular clubs were permitted.

This is where the Satanic Temple tried their ploy that failed. The Court also opined that: “The danger that children would believe the school to be endorsing religion is no greater than the danger that they would perceive hostility towards religion if the club were excluded from this public forum.”

Serious soul winners should be aware of Child Evangelism’s Good News Clubs if they are wanting to operate in a school near you. They are an old, highly esteemed organization that has been very successful at introducing Children to Jesus.

They have expanded until their numbers are astounding. In a recent year, they ministered to over 25 million children face-to-face. They have expanded into every major country in the world and every U.S. state. Currently, they are holding clubs in over 3,000 elementary schools.

Child Evangelism Fellowship is an example how we, as Bible believers, can still engage the Devil on his own ground. It is sometimes impossible to prevent the government schools from exposing our children to Satan’s lies and destroying their innocence early. Often, the only possible action is to make sure they understand the truth.

The Good News Clubs have worked out a good teaching curriculum, but Chick Publications has many tracts suitable for reaching and teaching youngsters. If you are unable to help them directly, the leadership would possibly appreciate a donation of Chick tracts like Best Friend, Charlie’s Ants and others to enhance their other teaching materials.

Many people have written to Chick Publications to express their appreciation for Chick tracts that crossed their paths during their formative years. Some claimed that they considered the simple Bible teachings to have provided the foundation for their understanding of theology.

All Chick tracts are available to read in their entirety on our tract listing page. For more information, call (909) 987-0771.

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