Soul Winners Spook Satan on Halloween

As we come up on "Satan's holiday" (Halloween), mankind is increasingly gravitating to the occult. Dr. Rowan Williams, the new Archbishop of Canterbury, head of the 70 million Anglican and Episcopalian "Christians," has been made an honorary Druid. On the internet, a search for the word "Wicca" returns over half a million web pages.

The entertainment industry's fascination with witchcraft pours hours of Satan's propaganda into our living rooms. Now we have millions of our children reading about the lessons taught at the "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft" in the Harry Potter books.

Many soul winners have tried to keep their children out of the trick-or-treat scene by refusing to be involved in Halloween. Churches have held "Harvest Festivals" on October 31 to provide an alternative for Christian families.

However, some bold Christians have turned the night into a major neighborhood outreach by including gospel tracts with the candy they give out. Chick Publications has received reports of many highly creative ways that customers have turned the night around to God's glory.

Some simply give out tracts along with the candy. Others have set up tables with an assortment of tracts that kids can choose from.

One family dressed in white robes and set up a table on their porch with a large book labeled "The Book of Life." They wrote in their names and when children would come for candy, they would be told that this was the great white throne judgment and asked if their names were in the book.

When one did not find it, he was given a tract with his candy and told that the tract would tell him how to get his name in God's book so he would not be judged for his sins.

Many of the letters that come to Chick Publications tell how they received a tract in their Halloween candy bags and it led to their salvation, sometimes years later. Occasionally the whole family would be reached for Christ.

One person started handing out the Halloween tracts before Halloween to educate people about the holiday. One neighbor tossed out a six dollar pumpkin after reading the tracts.

Another idea is to reverse the action by going door-to-door giving tracts to the homeowner instead of asking for candy.

Chick Publications has a variety of tracts suitable for Halloween. Some, like Boo, Happy Halloween, and The Little Ghost are specifically targeted to the holiday. Others, like Best Friend, Charlie's Ants, and The Little Princess are more general children's tracts. Demon's Nightmare, Somebody Goofed and No Fear are good for teens who like to get in on the candy.

Halloween is the only time of the year that we have crowds of children coming to our doors begging for goodies. Thousands of Christians have taken the opportunity to give more than candy, and heaven will be the richer.