The Stealth Religion

By Thomas Heinze

Chances are you didn't see this religion coming. Yet, we have welcomed it with open arms into our schools, universities, research centers, and print and video documentaries.

"What cult is this?" you ask, "Islam? Hinduism? Or some perversity of the Gospel?"

Guess again! It's the atheistic explanation of where the universe and life came from, known technically as "evolutionary materialism."

When China and the Soviet Union replaced their old religions with evolutionary materialism, they simply adopted openly what had been seeping into the bones of the entire western culture since Darwin.

Christians shrugged and said, "What can we do?" Even after this lie became the official doctrine in the biology textbooks of America, Europe, and most of the world, few recognized it as a religion.

Evolutionary materialism is a master of disguise, selling itself as science. Many think, "It's science. It's not religion." However, when these little made-up stories are dressed up like science and put into biology textbooks it does not make them scientific. When a student, who had always believed that God created life, puts his faith in the textbook stories, the change in his religion is very real.

Evolutionary materialism teaches the fiction that life began when RNA formed on clay in a primordial soup and then evolved into the first living cell. True science has proven that this story is unscientific and untrue. We have learned that RNA, like DNA, does not form in any natural setting. RNA is only made by cells that are already alive. After trying for years, scientists can't even make it in the laboratory.

Only living cells can make RNA, because they must have the complex instructions God put in their DNA. Instructions never write themselves. Yet, atheists are forced to believe they once did or give up their strong faith in these pseudo scientific religious myths.

There is even a more important question: What determines right and wrong in a world that believes that it has no Creator? What moral standards could these dead chemicals provide? None at all!

Rising rates of crime, suicide, abortion, homosexuality, and school house shootings are some of the fruits produced by this belief.

The reinterpretation of our laws is another fruit from the false root. Some judges claim that our constitution protects abortion, pornography and nude dancers, but won't permit God and creation in public schools. With God thrown out, His ten commandments have begun to be torn from public walls and thrown out after Him.

As Christians, we rightly learn how to lead Mormons, Roman Catholics, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Moslems to Christ. Shouldn't we also learn how to help those who are being deceived by evolutionary materialism, one of the largest, and certainly the best disguised religions in the world? While we wait, its rotten fruit stinks up our society.

"I can't evangelize this religion," some say. "It's too tough."

Good news! Chick Publications has a new mini-book, In the Beginning ... Soup? Its purpose is to help you win evolutionary materialists to Christ. You will learn how to debunk their imaginary science. It's a great door opener for evangelistic conversations. Or, simply use it as a tract to evangelize atheistic students, teachers, college professors, and garden variety evolutionists.

Drop a copy of "In the Beginning ... Soup?" on the table with the magazines in your doctor's office. Place them in schools, universities and libraries. Give them to your kids' teachers.

"In the Beginning ... Soup?" is aimed directly at the weakest link in the evolutionist's armor, his answer to the question of how life began. The fascinating scientific facts in this mini-book are true, well documented, and above reproach. They have been carefully chosen from the much more complete book, How Life Began.

As evolutionary materialists read, many will be amazed to find that their atheistic faith has no basis in real science. At that point, In the "Beginning ... Soup?" ministers to their deepest needs with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.