Tract 'Blitzes' Enlarge Mission in Trinidad

Missionary James Hoffmeister, in Trinidad, reports many saved in tract "blitzes" there and in neighboring Guyana. He reports that a missions group from a U.S. Bible college brought the tracts in their luggage: "We used them immediately in three major outreaches: a blitz on the downtown of our city, San Fernando, a missions trip to Guyana, South America, and an island-wide crusade that our church sponsored in March. All of the outreaches were helped by the tracts that you sent us."

Hoffmeister seeds his field with tracts for several weeks prior to island-wide crusades. In the mission to Guyana, he was also able to preach to the students in the public schools and included Chick tracts in packets of literature for them: "The Guyanese schools were a ripe field with a large amount of children making a profession of faith. Guyana is a much poorer country than Trinidad and the tracts that we gave to people there will be read and passed around for a long time!"

He reports that: "During our April island-wide Crusade in Trinidad, we gave every visitor a visitor`s pack which included a Chick tract. We had over 400 first-time visitors during the week and 70 were saved. We also used the tracts in the months before when we were inviting people to the Crusade and we passed them out to the crowds that were around the tents every night in the park."

In a summer Vacation Bible School week 255 children came the first day and "the count kept going up from there! We saw 98 children come to the Lord Jesus Christ after being dealt with personally.  We used the tracts extensively in the weeks before and the week of the event. Also on the Sunday morning of VBS we had a church packed out with parents of the children and were able to give them all visitor packs which include Chick tracts.

Hoffmeister`s mission also held "Teen Connection Week" with 131 teens showing up the first night. Attendance peaked at over 200 with 240 showing up on the concluding "parents day" on Sunday.

"In addition to these outreaches we have used your tracts in our weekly public school outreach, our hospital ministry, our visitor packs in church, as well as our day to day soul winning. We were also able to give some to other pastors and missionaries on the island for some of their needs. We find that they are very well read and we get a good response from people calling with questions about the Lord.

"Thank you for your great part in our ministry here in Trinidad."

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