Tract Passing Tips January 2002

I am the pastor of a church in Jacksonville, Texas. I have been saved going on seven years now. I was saved while reading a chick tract at work in the restroom. I just wanted to say thank God for your ministry.
D.H., Jacksonville, TX

I have been using your tracts for many years now. I especially like leaving Big Daddy and Doomtown in restaurants where there are a lot of college students on staff. I am 44 years old and have been saved for the past 10 years. Thank God for His great mercy on me. My husband is saved now too. I got saved shortly after reading This Was Your Life! Please know you have to keep telling the Biblical truth, that Jesus alone can save, heal and deliver. Be encouraged and I promise to pray for you.
C. R., Ridgeville, SC

I received Christ by reading The Sissy. It was given to me by a mailman in 1978. Now the Lord has blessed me with a powerful ministry in radio, street ministry and church evangelism.
F.N., New Orleans, LA

When we give to the local food pantry, we like to scotch-tape a tract on the side of a box or can of food.
F., Valley Park, MO

Two ladies and myself have been going to High Schools and Middle Schools. We stand on the public sidewalk in front of the schools as the afternoon dismissal bell rings. We pass out Somebody Goofed to the kids as they leave. It is lawful as long as we stand on public sidewalks and do not hinder the flow of traffic. We are careful not to detain the school busses by trying to stop the kids to talk with them. We simply pass out tracts as fast as we can - from 250 to 300 at each school. The devil has deceived us into believing we cannot get near the schools with the Gospel. It simply is not true!
J.C., Fort Worth, TX

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