Tract Passing Tips - July 2000

Editors note: We would recommend that if you are sending tracts to companies in their return postage paid envelopes, that you affix a stamp. When the company has to pay the postage to receive a tract, it often turns the employer's heart against the gospel. That's the wrong result.

I found a roll of plastic magnetic tape 1/2" x 30" long with an adhesive back in the craft section of WalMart. I cut 1/4" pieces and stick them on the back of tracts. I get approximately 120 tracts per 30" roll for $1.16. This way you can stick tracts anywhere there is a metal strip or surface.
S.P., Crandall, GA

The doors of all shopping centers (malls or strip centers) usually have horizontal bars for the push-pull area. When exiting from one of these doors, one ought to hang a Chick Tract upon one of these horizontal bars. The very next person who exits, almost always gets the tract and inquisitively starts to read it. This method works better than placing tracts on the benches in the mall. Maintenance personnel constantly scan the mall for trash and unfortunately consider tracts as such and discard it.

We go to crowded parking lots and insert tracts into the door handles on the driver's side by folding them in half and slipping them under the door release. This works very well on any vehicle and you can cover a large area very quickly and efficiently. When you slip them in there they hold themselves in there and when the driver returns he has to see or feel them there and retrieve them before getting in. This method does not activate any of the car alarms so it seems to be a very good way of getting tracts in the hands of people.
T.E., Internet

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour in 1980 as a result of some dear soul putting a tract in his proxy vote, for he owned stock in the utility company I work for. For two weeks two of us had the job of removing proxies from envelopes. Someone sent This Was Your Life! in one of the envelopes. I knew my boss would just discard it so I kept it and soon found out that That Was My Life! Now I put a tract in every single letter I ever send to anyone.
M.E., Cincinnati, OH