Tract Passing Tips - July 2001

We work in teams: myself; two or three boys (ages 7-15); and we split up at the large shopping malls. We drop off hundreds of comics and or tracts at shopping malls through out the Twin Cities area.

The malls are huge and usually very busy, so no one notices our coming and going. When we make drops at gas stations, we might hit 60 stations on a given night. We take turns using the rest rooms leaving behind 2 comics or tracts.

We have a young woman along who makes a drop in the ladies room. We try to work professionally, like commandos who move in fast and out again.

We work under a 15 minute hit-and-drop routine, covering an entire mall in a short time. The risk is nil and not illegal.
W.O., Minneapolis, MN

Large secular universities have students from all over the world. Your large assortment of foreign language tracts are a great help in ministering to these students.

The main public library in large cities have phone directories from other countries. You can have a foreign ministry by direct mail to thousands of addresses in other countries.
J.J., Toledo OH

I was attending a trade show, and my schedule didn't allow for a leisurely dinner. I ordered a pizza. The delivery man came to my hotel room with dinner and left with a Chick tract (This Was Your Life!) The pace was hectic the next day so I ordered a pizza again. Guess who made the delivery? The same driver saw me and said, "It's you! You gave me that little booklet last night. Thank you! Thank you!"

Never hesitate to hand out tracts. People desperately need to know the truth of the Bible.
A.D., Lola WI

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