Tract Passing Tips - July 2003

One man wrote that he owns a restaurant. In the middle of each table, he keeps a bowl of Chick tracts for his customers to read while they are waiting for their meal. They sit there and read tracts while they eat. They really "eat them up!" This idea would also work well any place where people are waiting such as doctor, dentist and hospital waiting rooms, at dog groomers, beauty salons, barbershops, car washes, auto and tire repair shops, etc.

Place tracts in all of those Free real estate magazines. Also while walking through parking lots, throw a tract in any open car windows. Aim for the back seat where kids will most likely find it and read it on the way home.
D.O., Dunnellon, FL

I suggest putting tracts in the grooves on Community Bulletin Boards where people post advertisements.

While driving to the store one day, I noticed a statue of the Virgin Mary in someone's yard. I stopped and took down the address. I mailed some tracts (Are Roman Catholics Christians and Why is Mary Crying) along with a note explaining a few reasons the Catechism is not biblically sound. In the note I offered them a copy of Understanding Roman Catholicism by Rick Jones, if they wanted. I asked them to remove the statue as a sign for me to send them the book (I didn't put my address on the note).

When ever I see a statue of Mary, I repeat this exercise. I also put tracts on cars that have Rosary beads hanging on their rear view mirror.
C.B., Hopewell, OH

I place a couple of tracts in an unmarked sealed envelope. People think it's money and pick it up and put it in their purse or pocket to open later.

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