Tract Passing Tips - September 2003

I have found the library to be a consistently good spot for Chick tracts. It's a place every one goes to read, so why not an appealing tract?
Another good spot is dressing rooms. People who otherwise don't want to be seen reading a tract, can do it in private.
E.A., Tennessee

While attending the "viewings" at funeral homes, I place This Was Your Life! in the restrooms and in the lounge. They do get read and some actually go into pockets and purses.
Car washes stay busy throughout the whole year. Place tracts into sandwich bags. Then place the top edge of the sandwich bag into the floor mat holder located on the waiting room wall. That way the bag will stay clamped securely and will be seen and stay dry.

Once when our daughter was sick and we were waiting in the doctor's office, she was crying up a storm. We gave her 2 Chick tracts, which she loves, to look at. She is 1 year and 9 months old. She got off her seat and walked over to a total stranger and gave him one of her tracts. He said thank you and started to read it to her. After reading a half page, she walked away, and he kept on reading it to himself.
My wife and I were astonished as she repeated this with others in the waiting room. No one can refuse a gift from a toddler.
E.C., Internet

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