Tract Passing Tips - September 2004

Recently I stopped at a sub shop for lunch and left a copy of Somebody Loves Me in my booth. On my way out to the car a worker called me back to the store, waving the tract in her hand. She asked me if it was mine and I told her that I had left it in there in order to share the good news of Jesus. Tears welled up in her eyes as she confessed to having thoughts of suicide. I motioned her to sit down and she prayed there with me to dedicate her life to Christ!
N.H., Leesburg, FL

I have just returned from Mexico. I handed out many Hola tracts around the border towns, at bus stations, airports and at customs on border crossings. I was drawn to the hardest of men, looking out from evil, glaring eyes of sin that said, "don't approach me." I could only praise Jesus as I watched them, from afar, as they read and re-read the tracts and then carefully place them in their pockets. Some would get them out again, only minutes later to re-read them again. Never be intimidated by evil men thinking them to be hopeless. But love them enough to break through the wall of evil projected and love God enough to be obedient. The Holy Spirit will do the rest.
M.N., Shell Knob, MO

Johnstown, PA has an annual motorcycle rally known as "Thunder in the Valley." It attracted 70,000 people to the city. One of the motorcycles had a satchel attached containing dozens of Chick tracts with a note attached that they were free, and to please take some. Among the tracts were Bad Bob, Somebody Loves Me, This Was Your Life, Holy Joe and The Warning. I was so pleased to see that one of the bikers attending the rally is a soul-winner. I pray that he reached many souls with the Chick tracts.

I am the pastor of the (...) Church. I have been saved going on seven years now. I was saved while reading a chick tract at work in the restroom. I just wanted to say thank God for your ministry.
D.H., Jacksonville, TX

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