Tract Passing Tips

The company I work for gives its employees free sample bottles of their sunscreen product. I have a season pass to a theme park and I take a box of a dozen or so bottles with a Chick tract taped to each one. At the park invariably someone will say, "Oh, no! I forgot my sunscreen." I then offer them one of my bottles. I always get a big thanks. If they ask about the tract I tell them it will give them information on how to avoid a type of burn even worse than sunburn
W.H., Internet

ICQ (I seek you) is an internet program made for chatting and sending e-mail. They have a provision for random chatting, where you enter a category, and if someone is available in that category, you receive information about how to reach them. I've sent your tracts to Thailand, Australia, Turkey, Canada and other places using this method.
J.W., Internet

I'm 93 years old and this is the way I distribute tracts: in parking lots. I go into the lot with a package of tracts This Was Your Life and in about 15 minutes I can place 25 tracts in the handles or the crack of the driver's door. When the owner comes for his car, there is the tract. He or she either reads it on the spot or takes it home.
H.M., Las Vegas, NV

When I go to the mall to shop for clothes, I leave tracts in the pockets of items I don't want to purchase. I intentionally try on clothes that I don't intend to buy just to leave tracts in pockets. Purses and hand bags are another place to leave a tract.
S.T., Roselle, NJ

At food pantrys where food is given to the poor, scotch tape a tract to the outside of food packages.

I leave tracts behind cans, boxes and bags of dry goods when I go grocery shopping. I target anything open enough to slip a tract into.
L.W., California

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