Tracts Work In Prisons and On The Streets

Mexican Prisons:
Missionary Eric Brockhoff continues to feed tracts to the prison ministry in Mexico. His plan has worked wonderfully well. Teams of local Christians are now being welcomed once a week as they bring in boxes of tracts bagged with goodies of high quality nuts and candy. Some of the prisons already have small pockets of believers. "The tracts are very well received, strengthening the Christians who are already there as they attempt to spread the Word among the other inmates," says Brockhoff.

Brockhoff has teamed with local pastors to expand to as many different prisons as possible. Heading the outreach is Pastor Alonzo who is a veteran of the gospel, having guided the planting of 13 local church congregations. "God has given us favor with the authorities so that the prisons have welcomed the teams and many of the prison staff have also responded to the gospel," he reports.

Streets of South Africa:
Missionary Mike Fleuch writes from South Africa that he is training other workers in street evangelism using gospel tracts as part of the outreach. God has blessed his efforts with nearly 200 attending Sunday morning and evening services. He effectively combines tracts, street preaching and discipleship videos in growing excited Christians eager to evangelize and plant new congregations.

He is starting a third year of a Bible School training for a vision to "see Bible-believing churches planted up and down this country." He, like other missionaries, have discovered that saturating a community with gospel tracts and street evangelism will get the attention of enough people "who have ears to hear" to start a young congregation. Tracts become an important part of the mix by both providing basic instruction in the gospel and making it easy for new believers to witness.

The tracts also become a first attention getter. Those who respond to the seed planted by the tracts are followed up on with training videos and Bible courses. Fleuch says that their worship services have grown requiring more chairs and space. Many who attend local "mega-churches" are not exposed to soul winning, but some are discovering the joy of street witnessing by learning of Fleuch`s ministry.

He relates how one group was introduced to public soul winning: "For the next three hours, we stopped every soul we could. After preaching to one guy for a while, I started to walk away when I saw somewhat of a terrified look on his face. I asked him if he was alright to which he replied, 'No! What if I died tonight; I wouldn`t go to heaven!' A few moments later that young man bowed his head and asked Jesus Christ to save him from hell.

"The group that was observing about lost it! They had never seen anyone get saved before. That night we held a three-hour Bible Q&A session attended by that 15-person group. The next day, we headed back to the streets for another three hours. This time, our group had grown to six people. They were flying up and down the streets handing out tracts and talking to people."

This is typical of the missionaries who have found the value of Chick tracts as first bait in fishing for souls. God has allowed Chick Publications to join in the translating of tracts into over 100 languages and to maintain printing equipment capable of producing hundreds of thousands of tracts on very short notice.

As missionaries are discovering this convenient source of the gospel, demand on the Chick Mission Fund is rising. If you wish to help, see the information below.

Many Christians want to provide Chick tracts to missionaries.

We Can Help!

Although we are not legally structured as a non-profit, and therefore cannot give tax-deductible receipts, we definitely know how to get literature into missionaries` hands. They often write to us asking if anyone can help them get Chick tracts.

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