U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Sodomy Laws

Homosexual rights activists are literally dancing in the streets (of San Francisco) celebrating the Supreme Court's ruling striking down the Texas law against sodomy. The decision effects some 13 other states that have similar laws.

Sodomites see this as removing a major obstacle to their gaining the right to marry. Once legally married, all the benefits that married couples enjoy will be theirs such as dependent health coverage, right to adopt children or conceive them artificially, and estate inheritance.

The reasoning of the court was that the constitutional right to privacy would be violated if two consenting homosexuals were arrested for sodomy in their own home. Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in the majority opinion that the "government has no interest in regulating what two consenting adults do in their bedrooms."

The ruling also invalidated a 17-year-old decision by the same Supreme Court. In 1986, the Court upheld a Georgia sodomy law. The Court's reasoning then was that if sodomy in private by consenting adults was made legal, laws against adultery, incest, prostitution and other sexual crimes would not be prosecutable.

Another error made by the court was the assumption that sodomy is a "victimless crime." This ignores the fact that the moral standards laid down in the Bible are for the protection of the society.

Government and the media have given little attention to the victims of homosexual behavior. Little is heard about the findings of organizations such as the Family Research Institute. Through meticulous research, FRI has documented the average life expectancy of the male homosexual to be less than 50 years due to violence and the diseases transmitted by the practice of sodomy. Examples include AIDS, syphilis, and some 50 other sexually transmitted diseases that spread much more rapidly among homosexuals than the general population.

If sodomy is victimless, what about the thousands of hemophiliacs who received AIDS tainted blood donated by homosexuals. What about the billions of dollars in health care costs for those infected with these diseases. Much of this is paid for by taxing the rest of the population.

FRI also documents the high level of violence, drug abuse and suicides in the homosexual lifestyle.*

Homosexual sin is no different from other sins that eat like a cancer at the vitality of a culture. When a society turns to pleasure, sexual or otherwise, that energy is not available to lift the culture economically and socially.

Some very bright minds are destroyed by this sin who could have made major contributions to advance the fields of medicine, business, governance, or the gospel. We are all victims when these contributions are lost.

A whole generation of children is being taught that homosexuality is acceptable, reasonable, and natural for many people. There is a horrid, disease-ridden period in store for this nation. We must sound a warning and the Chick tract, Sin City, does this. Christians with the courage to pass it out to young people know that they are protecting them from sickness in this life and judgment in the life to come.

*More information in this subject can be obtained by calling FRI at 303.681.3113 or visit their web site at www.familyresearchinst.org.

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