'United Religions' Idea Floated from Unlikely Source

Last September, in a third meeting with Pope Francis, former Israeli President, Shimon Peres,  suggested that a "U.N. of religions" be established and that the pope would be a good person to head it up. Peres noted that past wars were motivated by conquests for territory, but modern wars are now being "sparked above all with the excuse of religion."

He suggested that the best way to "combat these terrorists who kill in the name of faith" would be to have someone with "an unquestionable moral authority that says in a strong voice 'No, God does not want this and does not permit it.`"

Peres was interviewed by the Italian Catholic magazine, Famiglia Cristiana where he said that he believed that Pope Francis should be that "strong voice" because "he is perhaps the only leader who is truly respected."

How sad that this former leader of God`s chosen people is so blinded by the Vatican`s new posture of friendship and the unbiblical dream of world harmony without Jesus. Yet, they do see that the only solution to present world chaos is world government, but overlook the fact that it will not work until Jesus, Himself, is the "strong voice" who will be able to command necessary "respect" when He returns to rule the world from Jerusalem.

Several Chick tracts are designed to show that only when Jesus returns will true peace on earth be established. Until then, the god of this world, Satan, will continue deceiving world leaders with the pipe dream of global harmony.

Tracts like The Beast, Global Warming,The Only Hope, Things to Come, Let`s Fly Away and Where Did They Go, Crusader Comics Chaos and The Alberto Series,  and paperbacks on evolution and Roman Catholicism all help to warn about Satan`s end-time lies he has used to persuade the world that they can have heaven on earth without Jesus in charge of it.

Saturation of your community with the tracts will identify those who want to know more and then the comics and paperbacks can be used to educate them in Biblical truth.

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