Up in Arms Over -Arm Evolution

By Thomas Heinze

Evolutionists looked at ape`s arms and compared them to people`s arms. They noticed that the apes` arms were similar to people`s arms but, in proportion to the body, were longer and stronger.

But because they believed the standard evolutionary explanation that people evolved from ape-like ancestors, they listed people at the very top of the evolutionary tree — above apes, in spite of the fact that apes` arms were longer and stronger than people`s arms! The theory of evolution rules! Don`t let the evidence disarm you!

What`s more, people are easily offended, and would not stand for any inference that apes might be more evolved than we are. Apes, on the other hand, won`t complain no matter how we insult them!

But what if evolution is a false theory and neither apes nor people came about by evolution? Look at DNA! It is the part of every cell that contains the plans for the whole body. If DNA did not exist, or the plan for arms had not been written into it, neither people nor apes would have arms. Plans for arms are very complex and don`t just pop up out of nowhere. Where did DNA come from, and who wrote the plans that it contains?

This is easy to answer if you believe God created people, apes, and DNA. It`s hard or impossible to answer for atheists and many other evolutionists. They try to solve nearly every problem about where things came from with "mutations," random changes to DNA.

But since God made the plans in DNA so that they work, random changes cause more damage than progress. Mutations are random changes, a bit like driving your car into a tree. Your car will be changed, but hitting a lot of trees will never invent the first fender or bumper, let alone the first complete automobile or arm. We agree that random mutations can cause changes to DNA plans, but they can`t invent either DNA, or the plans it contains. They might make arms longer, shorter, or unusable, but random changes can`t invent an arm nor connect it to your shoulder so you can use it. Atheists may hate this statement but can`t refute it: Arms were not formed by damage to DNA.

So where did arms come from? Arms give strong evidence of having been planned by our intelligent Creator. They could not have been slapped together by random movements of atoms, molecules, cells or whatever.

Evolutionists can`t explain the origin of DNA! I have asked them. The plans that God wrote into DNA work. Random changes to those plans cause more damage than progress. Mutations are an irrational, failed explanation for the origin of arms!

I have a lot of email friends who are atheists and evolutionists.

Hey friends! Before you come down too hard on me for insisting that God created arms, try to find a better explanation! Adding natural selection to random mutations will not, by some evolutionary magic, make an irrational explanation intelligent! Evolution claims that natural selection chose the best random changes to the plan in DNA. But if there were no DNA, or no plan for arms in DNA, random changes would never make either DNA or arms. There is no way that selecting the best random changes to no plan at all could make arms! Sorry to throw cold water on your faith in random mutations. Forewarned is forearmed!