Warning: Disney 'Magic' Toxic to Children

One by one, sources of family-friendly entertainment and education are sinking into the mire. For half a century, families have relied on the wholesomeness and exquisite fun produced by the company started in a garage by Walt and Roy Disney. The magic of their kingdoms employ 140,000 people worldwide. But surely Walt would be horrified to see how their kingdom has been converted into a major glamorizer of sin; a key corruptor of "good manners" in our culture.

A dozen years ago a relative of mine worked at an auto dealer near the Disneyland in California. One day he told me of his concern that many of the Disney executives who came for auto service appeared "gay." Today, those leaders have succeeded in including sodomite themes in many of their movies, TV programs, advertising, and even video games.

Along with promoting this abomination, productions are also rife with violence, nudity, and profanity. Each year in June, Disney theme parks host "Gay Day" attended by an estimated 130,000 homosexuals.

The web site, CulturalPolluters.org, provides a huge list of Disney productions and activities highly toxic to family values. Subsidiaries such as Miramax Films, Marvel Studios, ABC Studios, Touchstone Video Games, Hyperion Publishers, and others produce a variety of material containing everything from sodomite themes to witchcraft.

The corporate culture includes an organization called Walt Disney World PRIDE, and "Officially recognizes GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender/transsexual) employee groups and/or special networks designed especially for GLBT employees," according to CulturalPolluters.org. In recruiting employees, Disney scores 100% favorable to homosexuals on "Corporate Equality Indexes" maintained by homosexual advocacy organizations such as the 750,000-member Human Rights Campaign. (HRC).

Disney's charitable giving supports organizations such as Planned Parenthood, largest U.S. abortion provider. Disney advertising dollars support TV shows that contain sexually graphic, violent or profane materials. Disney ads also appear in magazines and periodicals written for the homosexual community.

Today, Satan is using every possible avenue to corrupt our children. The culture once supported parents in bringing up youngsters as decent citizens. Sin was frowned on by neighbors, relatives, teachers and coworkers. Today, it is hard to tell who the enemy is. Entertainers ran out of clean fun and resorted to smut and violence. Neighborhoods fragmented, some families trying to hold the line on decency while others proudly display their debauchery.

Schools have been forced to switch from biblical precepts to the lies of evolution, human potential, and tolerance for all kinds of weird ideas. Even churches seem confused at what to do: go with the flow or teach the whole Bible. But when you have different bibles that don't agree, the confusion compounds.

Even the government is little help with the current debate of who really "owns" the children, the state or the parents. Child Protective Services are always ready to "help" any parents who they think might need it.

Since families cannot opt out of the culture, strategies must be developed to help children identify and resist the evil. First should be a good foundation in what God thinks about all this, which can only come by a thorough knowledge of a Bible they know they can trust. Then, parents must maintain constant contact with the child's world, helping him learn to sort the good from the evil.

Carefully selected study aids go a long way to accomplish this goal. Chick Publications has spent nearly 50 years creating engaging stories with solid biblical themes.

Two generations of children have grown up on Chick tracts and literature, prompting thousands of opportunities for dinner table discussions of God's prescribed way of life. Guiding your children through today's cultural mine fields will require a lot more attention than previous families have had to do.

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