We Plant — God Gives the Increase

Jesus spoke of the word of God being like seed sown in a field. Some were lost to the birds or weeds or the ground was too hard to sprout them. But others grew and made a harvest. Soul winners who use gospel tracts as seed are familiar with the various results. Often the ground is hard and the harvest slim. Yet, the Apostle Paul pointed out that we are only responsible to plant and water. It is God who gives the increase. (See 1 Corinthians 3.)
But the farmer knows that if he doesn`t plant, there will be no harvest. Many of you are planting and the following testimonies from the Chick Publications` files testify to the harvest.

I just wanted you all to know that your tracts were instrumental in my salvation ten years ago.  After I was saved I realized and recognized Chick tracts from my childhood and even as a young adult. Those seeds planted by faithful workers over the years were used by the Lord to draw me to Jesus.                 
J. M., Email

Praise God!  I was born again as a result of reading This was Your Life almost 27 years ago.  I also had friends that prayed for me prior to that day.  So please send as many copies of This was Your Life as you can.  I`m enclosing $10.  Thank you for sowing seed, as I will do, too.  
Jean T., MO

I was first exposed to your tracts as a young atheist in a high school in Central Florida. Your tracts sowed seed, another watered, and about 3 years ago GOD gave a glorious increase!!! It took several years for me to finally give my heart and life to the Lord, but I have always said your tract helped do it! I thank the Lord for your wonderful ministry!             
R .K., Email

While my husband was doing time he was handed a couple of your tracts. He also thought it interesting that as a child he stumbled across a couple his mother had.
Somehow the seeds were planted. Now they have grown deep in his heart.
K. M., Redding CA

Chick tracts helped me to make a KJV only stand as well as planting seeds in my heart for salvation. Thank you.             
G. E., Email

The first tract I read of yours was Somebody Goofed, way back in 1976.
This tract is what planted a seed for me to start to question where my eternal destiny lies.
I accepted the Lord as my Savior the following year in 1977. Praise GOD!
B. F., Email

When I was 17, I was a dishwasher in a restaurant. On a Sunday evening we had a lot of church people in.  I was washing dishes when I came upon a crumbled tract This Was Your Life. I stopped and read it and signed the back.
Although it was only a head decision at that time, it sowed the seed for my real salvation at age 19. Thanks for your wonderful ministry!!!  God Bless You.
Ed McG., Email

"I`ve read your tract This Was Your Lifea long time ago and you planted a seed in me.  I read it when I was 16 years old and I eventually got saved at 19."
Jamaine H., Dayton, OH

I accepted Christ at the age of 22.  When I was about 9 or 10, however, I was given a copy of This Was Your Life.  I remember the message and believe it was a seed to later bring me to Christ!  Thank you!                  Renee VonB., IN