Why Not a Daddy and Two Mommies?

Now that homosexual marriage is gaining acceptance in America, another perversion is coming out of the closet, demanding equal rights. Activists point out that, if Heather can have two mommies, why not two mommies and a daddy? "Polygamy rights is the next civil-rights battle," says Mark Henkel, founder of a "Christian" polygamy organization called TruthBearer.org.

A legal case making its way through the courts is being argued on the basis of the 2003 Lawrence v. Texas case where the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that sodomy was legal between consenting adults. Based on the Court's finding that individuals have "the full right to engage in private conduct without government intervention," attorneys are claiming that polygamy is also covered by that ruling.

Although polygamy is illegal in all 50 states, experts estimate that there are between 30,000 and 50,000 polygamists in the U.S. Most of these are in a splinter group of the Mormons. But Henkel claims to be not only Christian, but even Evangelical.

Although it is unlikely that Henkel's campaign will amount to much, it illustrates that ignoring the Bible in one area only leads to pressure to compromise on others. A Gallup poll found that 92 percent of Americans oppose polygamy.

However, Hollywood has set out to change the public notion just as it did with homosexuals. HBO has come out with a new show called Big Love, featuring one man with three wives.

Opponents to homosexual marriage have described a "slippery slope" that this illustrates. Senator Rick Santorum told Associated press in 2003 that legalizing homosexual practices would pave the way for legalized bigamy, polygamy and incest.

The best way for Bible believers to fight this trend is at the grass roots. Most people know evil when they see it but lack the conviction to speak out against it. If, for example, that 92 percent opposed to the evil of polygamy is to hold the line, we must speak up for biblical righteousness. People in the movies and TV act like everyone is doing it. We must understand the power of speaking up. Just by silence, we are losing the battle

One way to do that is with gospel literature, seeded deeply into your neighborhoods. Powerful biblical truth in gospel tracts that get read will expose the evils people are being taught in the media and even in school. If the gospel is widely published it will vaccinate culture against the sinful lies of the media. More and more, it is becoming the only way to "spread the Word."