Youngsters Told to 'Construct' Their Own Gender

The next frontier for homosexual activism is to establish the concept of transgender into the culture. No matter what sex you were born with, it is how you "perceive" your gender that counts. A recent California law added "perceived gender" to the list of categories protected against "discrimination."

Universities are now establishing dorms with single-person, lockable bathrooms for transgender students whose "perceived sexual identity" does not fit into the normal male or female housing.

Golf officials are struggling with transgenders who have male physiques applying to compete in women's tournaments. The Olympic Committee is in confusion over whether to allow transgendered men to compete as women.

We are only beginning to see the practical results of the culture's "gender bending." Youngsters are being bombarded by the message that "anything goes." The media began the slide, the legislators followed and now the schools are being forced to promote this perversion.

With children being taught that it is okay to have a different gender than their body indicates, the new message that they are being fed is that they can "construct" their own gender. In the drive to be "liberated" from all moral restraint, God-given gender is cast off, also. Young people are being told that they can be any gender they wish, even move from one to another on a whim.

What started out as "Gay-Lesbian" is now "Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered." In some countries, "intergenerational" sex is legal down to the 12-year-old level. Pedophilia advocates claim that adult-child sex is no harm if it is an expression of true love freely consented to by both.

Others are suggesting that, since man is only a highly evolved animal, sex "across the species barrier" should be considered acceptable. In the future, will we see some whitewashed terms for these abominations also added to the list?