A Message From David Daniels

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Does giving out Chick Tracts work?

Wow! Check out this issue of Battle Cry along! 1.5 million Chick tracts to be distributed in Latin America, hundreds of thousands in the Philippines, 50,000 in Mexico, order after order for Russians and Ukrainian refugees. Amazing. One team of Compassion International in Ethiopia and 40 souls saved. 20 churches started in desperate Venezuela. Demand in Kenya, Guyana, Thailand and Burma.

What do these missionaries know? Why are they so enthusiastic around the world? Chick tracts work! But only when they are given out. That's where you come in

Pastors and teachers may not know how powerful they are. One word can encourage or discourage. Some have spend decades saying to their congregations, “Giving out tracts doesn't work.“ By doing this, they became a self-fulfilling prophecy. They discouraged millions of potential tract-passers.

But never fear! We can change all that! By doing our part, promoting passing out tracts, and supplying missionaries with tracts, as well as sharing these missionary testimonies of the many people both reached and saved by being given gospel tracts, we can help turn the tide.

When people in a congregation are faithful handing out tracts, and souls start getting saved, pastors notice. Chick tracts work. That's why so many foreign pastors and missionaries are sending letters asking for Chick tracts. And with our Special Back Cover offer, their church's information can be placed on the back, so the new believer knows where to go to get good Bible teaching after they are saved, or even to learn about Christianity from Christians. Missionaries want what works. And giving out Chick tracts works.

Our country and world have gotten into the mess we're in, because Christians were discourage from bringing the gospel to the lost. And giving out tracts is the easiest way to start the conversation, either of us with them, or more importantly, of them with God.

I wouldn't want to be one of those discouraging pastors facing Jesus on Judgment Day. But I am happy to be one of those passing out gospel tract and sharing Jesus as I can. Don't be discouraged!

God be with you as you continue to share the gospel with tracts and your testimony.

In Christ Jesus, and for His service,

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