A Message from David Daniels

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Jack Chick was a pioneer. One aspect of that was his ability to move forward no matter what happened. He never looked back. There is nothing we can do about the past. But there is everything we can do about now.

In 1972, Jack wrote The Gay Blade. It told about the rise of homosexuality. And it told us to get away from it, when approached with that kind of behavior. It was the only tract of its kind, and way ahead of its time.

Suddenly, TBN no longer had Jack as a guest. They were afraid of “equal time” for homosexual rights groups. Jack re-issued The Gay Blade at different times, warning people over the years.

In 1989, Jack made Doom Town as part of the first Bible tract series. In 2001, when Jack and I started working together, the second tract we made together was Sin City. By then the movement had changed its name to GLBT. Not too long after, it switched to LGBT. Regardless of the reaction of the public, the witness and the warning were still there from Chick Publications.

And then came the time when our warnings came to pass. For years, Christians were afraid to speak out on the issue, for fear of being labeled a hater. There was even possibility of legal action against them for their once free speech. During that period, following Jack’s example, I got to compose Home Alone (2008), utilizing information I had gathered regarding a form of child abuse. In 2011 we wrote one more together: Uninvited. In each tender tract, Jack and I were praying for redemption and salvation and healing.

It is now 2019, 47 years after The Gay Blade. The LGBT lifestyle has borne some bitter and ugly fruit: so many broken lives, families and bodies in its wake. But there is hope. The Millennial generation is seeing the tragic results and realizing there is a reason that “God created them male and female,” joined them in marriage, and told them to start a family.

And we can continue to challenge people with Doom Town, Home Alone, and Sin City. If you don’t use these tracts, please check out our entire line of over 100 tracts, find what works best for you, and hand them out wherever you can. There’s nothing we can do about the past, but there is everything we can do about now.

In Christ Jesus, and for His service,

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