A Message From David Daniels

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

What do you do when God opens a door? Run through it!

In the 1980s Deborah and I heard the Christians open-air preach at Cal State Fullerton. Some people heckled. But many listened. Christians put out books and booklets for students to consider Christianity. Christians with clipboards asked questions of college students’ beliefs, with the goal of sharing Christ with them.

In later decades, each of these typical activities was slowly squelched in our colleges. So the recent Supreme Court decision favoring free speech for Christians on campus was important. A door is opening, and we need to run through it! Freedom of religious speech is being acknowledged again. We need to get as many tracts through that door as possible.

I am encouraged by so many of you who have been giving out tracts at every opportunity. God bless every one of you! You are giving to our Missions Fund, so millions of tracts go out worldwide, and you are also handing out or placing tracts wherever you go. God will reward you for this!

We have no idea the lives that we will influence. Let’s continue to get as many gospel tract seeds spread as we can. I’ve watched people eagerly open the tract to see what’s inside. It’s their opportunity to be forgiven and receive eternal life. And thanks to your effort, people who have not heard, or not heard correctly, are beginning to have their eyes opened to the simply-stated truth in the Chick tracts. This is crucial as we head into this latter stage of the End Times. God bless you all!

In Christ Jesus, and for His service,