A Message From David W. Daniels

Some very powerful people believe there are too many humans on earth. They don’t want to reduce population growth—they want to reduce the population, period! And there is only one way to do that: kill them.

They love abortions because they can kill millions a year. But there’s a problem: that gets rid of the younger, working class. They are the ones who take care of the old folk.

The old people are another problem for the rich powers-that-be. Already, there are becoming more older people than younger people to take care of them, since they are killing the children by abortion.

What is their answer? kill them, too.

Will doctors decide who lives and who dies?

They give it a nice name, “Euthanasia” (a “good death”). But there is nothing good about it. And everywhere that euthanasia becomes the practice, doctors later admit to killing up to a third of their patients, without their knowledge or consent. There is monetary incentive for them to kill them.

That’s not a “good death.” That’s making the medical profession the devil’s business.

Some say the older people have “no purpose.” But God has purpose for every part of our lives. And aging reminds us of the fall of man, and our need for a whole new life, so we may go into eternity with God.

A lot of older people have lived long and have much wisdom. We can learn from that. Others haven’t learned a thing, and need to be reminded of that Judgment Day coming up.

When you pass out tracts, please remember the older people. You may be God’s appointed ambassador to help them face their sins before God, put their faith in Jesus, and receive an eternal life that no one can kill.

In Christ Jesus, and for His service,