A Message From Jack Chick

Dear Ones in Christ,

How can a problem that is so common stay under the radar this long?  I`m talking about the fathers, brothers, nephews and friends who are being drawn into Freemasonry.  All too often, they are wonderful guys, pulled into what they think is a great club.  But it doesn`t take long before they start to show the spiritual effects.

Beloved, we all have relatives or acquaintances who are Lodge members.  The Southern Baptist churches alone have over one million members who are Masons.  They have a loyalty to their Lodges, and are not controlled by the Lord. These men have one foot in church and the other in witchcraft.

One morning when I left for breakfast at a local restaurant, I put a copy of The Unwelcome Guest in my shirt pocket for the waitress.  While we were waiting to be served, I silently asked the Lord "Who shall I give this new tract to", because the owner of the restaurant was coming over to visit us.  The Lord said "him."

 When I told him about the new Masonic tract he said, "I want to read it because my cousin is a Mason."  I gave him my copy and he disappeared into the kitchen, where one of the waitresses asked him what the tract was about.  He said "Masonry"!  She replied "Can I read it?  My boyfriend is going to the Lodge tonight to take the oath and become a Mason."  Then he told her "You`ve got to read this!"  When the owner came back to our table to tell us what had happened, he described his cousin who became a Mason and lost interest in church, his wife and his kids.  He said "Jack, when you guys come back, please bring me a bunch of those tracts."

We all have relatives, friends, or acquaintances who are involved in this religious cult.  Some joined it as a good old boys` club not realizing the consequences, spiritually.  But this is a worldwide conspiracy involving policemen, firemen, judges, politicians, world leaders, pastors, deacons and church members.  Beloved, the battlefield is in our churches.  Some pastors can`t speak against it, but by getting The Unwelcome Guest into hands of church members they will realize that there`s sin in the camp.  You can make an impact.  If we don't warn them, who will?

Your brother in Christ,

Jack T. Chick, President
Chick Publications, Inc.

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