A Vacation From Soul Winning?

Is a vacation also a break from soul winning?  Serious Bible believers know that there is nothing about that in the great commission. So how do you do it? Here is how one vacation was turned into a "mini-mission trip:"

We took Chick tracts (This Was Your Life in Spanish) on vacation to Mexico, Playa del Carmen & Cozumel. We gave them out to all the shop workers as I shopped and only two refused. Gave out 900 tracts. Many thanked me. After going a few blocks, I`d stop and look back and everyone was sitting outside his shop, studying his Chick tract. Some ran after me wanting more for friends. One man yelled for me to stop. I went back to him and he wanted help asking Jesus into his life. Thankfully he spoke English. We sat at a sidewalk cafe and I shared the gospel with him. He prayed to receive Christ right then and there. Being able to give out your tracts made my vacation into a "mini mission trip."

Besides getting the gospel to the strangers you meet on vacation, Chick gospel tracts and books can have a ministry to family members. Here is the story of another Chick customer:

Since 3 years ago when my sister and I went to New York to see our family, during our vacation my sister Vivian bought many booklets, those you write. They are tremendous and my cousins and family have read them.

Since that time I have changed many things in my life. And my sister, who is a student of Livingston University in Alabama, sent me for Christmas one of your books, El Proximo Paso (para Christianos que crecea), The Next Step (for growing Christians). Let me tell you Jack Chick, it is a book that leaves anyone with an opened mouth. It`s so tremendous.

You will meet many strangers in your vacation travels: gas station cashiers, waitresses, airline clerks and stewardesses, motel clerks and busboys. With each one you will have an opportunity to help them when Jesus holds court for them on judgment day. If you give them a tract and they get saved, Jesus will have a very different verdict for them than if they don`t. But they will not be able to say that they never heard the gospel. Is the great commission any less binding on us when we are on vacation?

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