Asian Olympics Saturated with Quarter Million Tracts

A small group of men are proving that it doesn't take a big organization to make a big impact with the gospel. When the Olympic games came to Atlanta, Georgia, several men from local churches in the southeast saw an opportunity to quickly get a gospel witness to several hundred thousand people from every corner of the globe.

Using volunteers from their churches, they positioned teams with gospel tracts in all the major languages at the main entrances to the games. Very few of the visitors and athletes could refuse the literature when they saw that it was in their native tongues.

Every gospel tract had a response card in it so the reader could indicate an interest in more information. For many months afterward, correspondence courses were being sent out along with Bibles and other literature.

The outreach was so successful, that the men decided to form a team and blitz other Olympic games and large gatherings. One of the next projects was the Asian Olympics in Bangkok, Thailand in December, 1998. They ordered 250,000 assorted tracts in the Thai language and other oriental languages.

The literature was printed and shipped and team members were scheduled to rotate from the U.S. and join with local church members and missionaries. The project was bathed in prayer because there is never any guarantee that the tracts will be allowed into the country or the teams permitted to distribute them to the crowds.

After a cliff-hanger at customs, the tracts were cleared on time and the teams prepared to hand them out. When they inquired what the rules were concerning literature distribution, the Olympic officials gave them different answers and it soon appeared there was no standard policy.

So, the teams simply went to the Olympic village gates and began distribution. At some, they were stopped by the guards. But at the main gate, the guards at first seemed oblivious to their presence. Then, they began to ask for copies of the tracts for themselves.

In just a few days, most of the tracts had been given out. Some of the visitors and athletes sat down immediately and filled out the response cards asking how soon they would get more literature. Other response cards began to show up in the mail box and the harvest began. But it will continue for years to come because many of those paper missionaries will be read and passed on to perhaps hundreds of readers.