Chick Mail Bag November 1998

Wouldn't be witnessing without tracts
If it wasn't for all your tracts and other materials I probably wouldn't be out fulfilling Christ's commission as I am today. Your tracts are such a blessing. With people that I would like to witness to, I can simply hand them a tract and say something like, "Here is something for you to read." Most of the time I don't get turned down.
J.H., Internet

Chick tracts loved in Zambia
The tracts are received with tremendous enthusiasm by the people here. We have to pass them out from a moving vehicle. Passing out tracts on foot is impossible because throngs of people gather around and get out of control as they push and shove trying to get one. Then they hide the one they are given and try for more. It is only a matter of time until they begin to fight. If a mob begins to get out of hand I can speed up and move to a quieter area. Just thought you might like to know that your tracts are a big hit in Lusaka, Zambia.
Jeff Crabtree

Catholic never knew love of Jesus
Thanks for your tracts on Catholicism. It has helped me to witness to my Catholic friends. I for one am an ex-Catholic. I went to Catholic grade school and high school, and was an altar boy at mass, but I never knew the love of Jesus. Since accepting Jesus in my heart I had to step away from Catholicism because their doctrine does not line up with the Word of God.
A.C., Internet

Amazed at how God forgives anyone
I was taking a driver's ed class at a local school. When leaving the class, I saw on the ground one of your comic booklets. Interested, I read it. I was amazed at how God can forgive anyone. Later that day I found another booklet. Thanks to you, I have found a new life through God and through your comics.
G.J., Internet

Making a difference through the years
I was introduced to Chick tracts in the 70's and handed them out to other students. I found them to be an effective way to introduce the gospel to people who would otherwise turn away. Now, three decades later, I am teaching youth in a church. Recently, I wondered if Chick tracts were still around. By chance, I ran across a Chick tract on a dusty shelf in a newly purchased church building. I contacted your web site and much to my surprise and delight you have not only stayed in business but are addressing the issues of today to the glory of God's work. The thing I like most about your tracts, beside the wonderful artwork, is that the message of the gospel is not diluted. God bless your ministry. You are making a difference in the lives of people throughout the years.
C.R., Indiana

Eleven-year-old passes out tracts
You are doing a really good job. My mother and I leave tracts in places for others. I am 11 years old. I just wanted to tell you, tracts are a smart idea. J.T., Internet
J.H., Internet

Chick tracts "get the job done"
I love all tracts, but the "cannon" of gospel tracts, the one that gets the job done, the one that "gets read" is the Chick cartoon tract from California. This tract is the last word in getting the gospel to the lost in print.
B.E., Delaware

Chick tracts help new Christian
I have been reading your materials since I got saved five years ago. As a matter of fact your witty comics helped me tremendously as a beginning Christian. Sometimes I purchase hundreds of your tracts to give out to people. I enjoy witnessing.
D.F., Bahamas