Chick tracts help people learn English

Short-term missionary Sherrie Johnson used Chick tracts to teach Cambodian young people how to speak English. Along with a new language, they also got the gospel in a format they couldn`t resist.

Missionaries all over the world are using Chick non-English tracts to lengthen their outreach. One missionary may preach to a few hundred people who then go away and forget most of what he said. However, gospel tracts placed in their hands become "paper missionaries" that they can read over and over and share with their family, friends and neighbors.  They become seed that will grow fruit for the kingdom for many days to come. Does your church support missionaries? You can multiply their ministry by supplying them with gospel tracts, probably in the language of their field.  Chick Publications has tracts in over 100 different languages.

Have your missionary visit our web site: to find the language your missionary needs so he can tell you which title he can use.

If he does not find a tract in the language he needs we can work with him to translate one. There is no extra cost when you place a custom order for 10,000 copies of the new translation.When your missionary has chosen the tract they want, have your church place the order so that you can get tax credit for the donation.  When the order is placed, we will ship them directly to the missionary.

To get started today contact Reba Parkinson at our office, 909-987-0771 or

If you are not able to locate missionaries through your church, Chick Publications has a fund that is used to supply missionaries who request tracts but are unable to afford them. However, your donation to the Chick Missions Fund is not tax deductible.