Church Uses Chick Tracts to "Get the Word Out" to 7 Counties

Like most local churches, Calvary Baptist Church of St. Paul, Virginia puts most of its efforts into reaching its own community. However, twice a year, the church goes beyond its "Judea" to put the gospel in every home in a 7-county area.

For several Wednesdays, a team of church members gather at the church and stuff over 100,000 envelopes with an assortment of literature including Chick tracts. The mailing is coordinated with each post office so that every home on each mail route receives one of the envelopes.

Printed on the back cover of each Chick tract is information about the church so that anyone can receive further help if desired. They admit that the response has not been large, but that is not their goal. They realize that, in this wholesale sowing of seed, much of it will fall by the wayside.

"Our pastor is orientated to getting the gospel out," says church member Joseph Slemp, who coordinates the effort. "We will only know in eternity how many people may have gotten saved or helped from some of the tracts. We just put the gospel out there and what they do with it is between them and the Lord Jesus. If one precious soul gets rescued from the burning hell, that makes it worthwhile." Slemp adds.

This twice-a-year effort is part of the church's outreach which includes support for 15 missionaries. They also have a big tract rack in the vestibule of the church mostly filled with Chick tracts.

"They are for the church members to use for their own ministry. We even mail tracts to people that live far away if they ask for them," says Slemp. They like the convenience of having their church message already printed on the back of the tracts. And because Chick tracts get read, they know that their effort is not in vain.

"We are to put the Word out there until they get hold of it. The Holy Ghost will do the convicting if we will just do what we are supposed to do," says Slemp.

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