Creation or Evolution? Evidence from Design

By Thomas Heinze

We generally recognize something that has been designed by a smart designer when we see it. A car, for example, does not have to be a factory-fresh Ferrari for you to recognize that it was designed. You will even recognize an old wrecked Ford abandoned at the side of the road as something that was designed and built. Even if it`s rusty!

If, one night, someone should drive up with his pickup and steal the motor, the transmission and all the tires of the wrecked Ford, you still recognize what`s left as having been designed. Some things can form by accident and others can`t!

Think of ants for a moment. Ants go far, far back in the evolutionist`s dating system, but those who see their fossils know that those ancient ants were really ants because they look like ants.

Now let`s jump from ants to bacteria. When we try to think of a living thing that is very small and simple, bacteria come to mind because atheists often suggest that other living things evolved from bacteria. Where did bacteria come from? My answer is that God created living things and bacteria were among the things He created. The evolutionist is caught between a rock and a hard place when he tries to account for bacteria or anything else that he might want to claim came first.

I call now on my friends who are evolutionists! Trace or imagine life`s genealogy back as far as you can. Unless at some point you admit some kind of intelligent design and creation, you are stuck with the idea that the first living thing, bacterium or whatever, was not formed by God, but by the random movements of atoms and molecules. They would have to have come together by accident and made a living thing already perfect enough to be able to function.

Back when evolutionists were deciding that we came from bacteria, they thought bacteria were simple. "They were small weren`t they?" Examining them under the microscopes of those days, they were little blobs moving aimlessly around in stagnant water. Placing them under today`s powerful microscopes exposes the fact that the claim that bacteria are simple came from a previous generation`s ignorance. They are far too complex to have popped up without a very intelligent creator.

Open your eyes! The DNA in bacteria comes already programmed to reproduce other bacteria. Why would an accident have gone to the extra work of producing bacteria that could reproduce? That ability requires additional complex equipment.

Push an evolutionist back far enough and he must either admit that he is stumped, or back into some sort of creationist position. There is no decent atheistic answer to the question: "What did the first living things evolve from?"

I am sure some of you, my friends, will show this to your favorite atheists. If you are one of the lucky atheists who receive it, please tell me how an accidentally formed first living thing within its short lifetime could have developed the equipment and ability to reproduce.

The fact that there is no reasonable atheistic answer is so completely true that it has become a law of science. "Life always comes from life!" Living things are so awesomely complex that only God could have created them. The reason atheists who believe in evolution won`t recognize this is that they still have faith in stupid old myths and legends about "simple cells" that were debunked years ago. The evidence shouts: "Even bacteria were created by an intelligent Creator!"

Tom Heinze

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