Does 'Palestine' Belong in the Book of Joshua?

Adding to the Bible can be risky, even if it is only in the helps. In an effort to assist the reader, some Bibles place section headings into the chapters. When the subject changes, the change may be indicated by a section head.

Dr. Michael L. Brown, guest columnist for, points out that in some recent NASB versions of the Bible, the section headings about Joshua's conquest of Canaan used the word "Palestine" instead. Brown points out that no such nation existed at that time, so this attempt to "modernize" the Bible could lead to a misunderstanding.

This is beside the fact that this recognition of the area by that name is highly offensive to today's Israelis and could be viewed as anti-Semitic.

This small example highlights the great risk in trying to "fix" the Bible by adapting to a more "modern" language. Which modern language will you use, Boston English, Texas English, or Cockney British? The confusion of dozens of new Bibles that we have today demonstrates the difficulty here.

Even a single language is very fluid. Anyone trying to keep up with each new generation will have to continually chase the new expressions. By the time the book is printed, it will be obsolete.

But God had a better plan. All He needed was one perfectly translated copy in English. It wasn't up to Him to adapt to the ever-changing nuances of the language. He expected us to simply learn it the way He gave it. The number of vocabulary words is roughly equivalent to the vocabulary of a five-and-a-half-year-old child, and the vast majority of the words are commonly known to this day.

About 200 years after the release of the King James, wise leaders of the church predicted that trying to update the Classic English of the Authorized King James might open it to mischief.

And they were right beyond expectations. Those who objected were overruled and a Bible society of "experts" was organized. Satan's plan "B" was kicked into high gear. Having failed to burn all the bibles —and Bible-believers— during the Inquisition, he was determined to shroud the Bible in doubt. It might take a few decades —but he had the time.

The KJ Bible had a solid history of preservation reaching back over a millennium and a half. 5000 manuscripts supported that history. What Satan had to do was create an alternate history. He had to find a way to convince the world that better manuscripts were available.

And what better way to make a counterfeit Bible than with the help of a counterfeit church. After all, the pope had been a big help in the campaign to burn all the Bibles.

Using modern research methods, author David W. Daniels has discovered how the Bible Societies were infiltrated with men who doubted the scriptures. Joining them were traitors with a diabolical agenda.

Space here does not permit the details that Daniels has discovered, but Vatican agents succeeded in sidelining the preserved texts that support the King James. In its place, a fake history was engineered to support an alternate Greek text for the Bible.

That text was compiled by Westcott and Hort for the Bible Societies to use to "update" the Bible. All modern versions now contain omissions, contradictions, and footnotes that only raise doubts for the readers. Increasingly, Christians are turning from personal study of the Bible to accepting the interpretations of the pastors and scholars.

Daniels' books, available from Chick Publications, describe the details of this monstrous plot. From the earliest, Did the Catholic Church Give Us the Bible? to the latest on the bogus Septuagint and Sinaiticus, you can trace his discoveries. And the story is still unfolding. His YouTube vlogs give you up-to-the-minute revelations that will be published in book form in the future.

[NOTE: Read more about this in the books David has written, as well as see details for yourself in hundreds of his videos on YouTube.]

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