Don't Hide This Halloween

It`s easy for Christians to avoid Halloween.  Some hide in the back of the house with the lights out.  But what other time of the year do kids come directly to your door begging for a handout?  And giving them the gospel is so easy.  They are looking for candy, but with Chick tracts, you can give them new life. Families see the same kids coming back next year asking for some more of those "Cool Comics!!!" Some soul winners just make up sandwich bags with candy and a tract.  Others put out a tray with several titles and watch the excitement as they pick and choose.

The last time we looked, folks were still having babies.  Each year there`s a whole new crop of little kids coming to your door who haven`t heard the gospel yet. And they all have one thing in common...they love comic books. 

Many Christians try to keep their children out of the trick-or-treat scene on Halloween. Churches hold "Harvest Festivals" to provide an alternative. But others turn the night into a major neighborhood outreach. We receive many reports of highly creative ideas that turn the night around to God`s glory. Some even reverse the action and go door-to-door giving tracts instead of asking for candy.

One youth pastor wrote that he was saved at age 7 reading This Was Your Life by flashlight under the covers. He now leads young people on Halloween handing tracts to kids on the streets. Many of the letters that come to Chick Publications tell how they received a tract in their Halloween candy bags and it led to their salvation, sometimes years later. Occasionally the whole family would be reached for Christ.

A California family set out a variety of Chick tracts on a tray so the kids could choose one. The girls would choose romantic titles such as Love Story, Best Friend, and Party Girl. The boys would choose Superstar, The Warning, and No Fear. It`s fun to watch them chatter with excitement as they each choose their Halloween cartoons.  Later, when they sit quietly reading them, the Lord can begin to take hold of their hearts.

Many churches buy Halloween literature for their members to use during the holiday. One church in New York distributed 2,000 trick-or-treat bags with a tract and candy. Another church set up a table on the sidewalk with tracts and treats for the neighborhood kids while the church youth were having a "Harvest Party" inside.

One pastor taught the history of Halloween and then provided literature for the families to distribute. "Many people are surprised when they learn the actual meaning of Halloween," he said. "Tracts are also a good way to get the gospel message across when time does not allow for a discussion."

One parent writes, "The first time I saw one of your tracts was in my child`s Halloween candy sack. This Was Your Life, I can honestly say, changed my life. It was a step that led to salvation... Praise God!"

Many parents want to know what their kids are reading, so they will read the tract, too. Soon, the whole family will be reading it.

Don`t hide!! Join the fun and obey Jesus` command in the process.  Those kids are worth it.

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