Doubt the Bible? Check Out God's Promise to Israel

Israel. What to do with Israel?? Never in the history of the world has such a postage stamp of real estate had so many rich and powerful scratching their heads. How could this ancient tribe of a few million people disrupt the tranquility of the whole planet?

Atheists, humanists, evolutionists, environmentalists, and others who are depending on world government to save the earth, say, Away with this stubborn little clan. What`s Jerusalem got to do with anything? Why don`t they just all go somewhere in Argentina to do their thing and leave us in peace?

Others, who claim belief in some kind of a god, say, Give it up! God is through with you because you rejected the Messiah. Go away so we can transform your angry, judgmental God into a warm, fuzzy deity that everyone can worship.

So, what is the key to all this confusion? A book. It`s called the Bible. Ignore the Bible, and nothing about Israel makes sense. Examine the biblical history of Israel`s beginnings and the immaculate fulfillment of its prophecies and it all snaps into focus.

Author John P. McTernan, in his latest book, As America Has Done To Israel, outlines Israel`s unique history of survival in contrast to all other ancient tribes who have long lost their identity. He sees this history, combined with current events, as proof, both of the divine inspiration of the Bible and the existence of the biblical God.

McTernan details how, in contrast to most of the nations in history, America mostly provided a safe haven for the Jews. Except for a period before World War II, Jews were welcome to come and enjoy all the freedoms of other Americans. But he points out that God`s promise to Abraham in Genesis 12:3 is a two-sided coin: "I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee."

On the one hand, no other nation in history, except Israel under Solomon, has enjoyed such pervasive prosperity like America did when she welcomed the Jews. In contrast, when America offended the Jews, God`s jealousy of His people brought quick and destructive chastisement. McTernan shows that, over and over, punishment came within hours after America`s leaders failed to bless the nation of Israel or the Jewish people.

He lists dozens of stories of this correlation. One of the first ones is so obscure that little record was made of the details. It involves a Nazi training camp on —Long Island, New York. McTernan`s family lived just 10 miles from there in the late 1930s. His research turned up 65 Nazi chapters across America seriously coloring America`s attitude toward the Jews. Even notables like Henry Ford were caught up in the anti-Jewish vitriol.

As McTernan`s elders related stories of the Nazi sentiment and the local training camp, he learned of another simultaneous event. On page 34, McTernan lists parallel headlines from September, 1938 newspapers detailing America`s compromise with Hitler`s advance in Europe against the Jews and a monster hurricane zeroing in on Long Island. The storm destroyed the Nazi training camp and everything else for miles around. The author lists dozens of other "coincidences" right up to the present day as America`s official policies have turned decidedly against Israel and Jerusalem. Nine of FEMA`s ten most expensive natural disasters can be traced to the U.S. pressuring Israel, including twenty such disasters since 1992, costing over one billion dollars each.

McTernan shows over and over that there is terrible destruction and judgment promised to any nation whose leaders would dare to part (divide) God`s land to give a portion to anyone else, even the Palestinian refugees. Modern American history proves that God keeps His promises.

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