Europe is in Convulsions

For decades, country after country in Europe has ignored God, believing Satan`s lies of evolution, security and prosperity through socialism, happiness through material wealth, salvation and utopia through education, and peace through tolerance.

Long ago sins such as abortion, sodomy, pornography and prostitution were legalized. The people have transferred their trust from God to the government. Now, they are facing the unexpected consequences.

The pope is watching, determined to use the crisis to Rome`s advantage. Muslim leaders see an opportunity to plant Sharia (Islamic law) in new territory in their new drive to conquer the world for Allah. Marxist governments can no longer deliver the security as promised and are scrambling to avoid rioting in the streets.

Bible-believing missionaries have struggled for decades in Europe`s spiritual wasteland with little fruit. Now, it appears that even the freedom to continue witnessing there may be in jeopardy. The following articles detail how Europe got in this fix, and how America is far down the same path. Bible believers must wake up to the danger and get busy or our religious freedoms will be extinguished by the same darkness.

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