'Global Transformation' Threatens Soul Winning

Biblical world watchers such as Dave Hunt  and Beit Kjos are sounding the alarm on the recent global turmoil. Hunt sees a transformation of the world's politico/religious scene that lines up with biblical prophecy.

He sees the unity of religions as essential to this transformation. He quotes Hans Kung, an ecumenical researcher: "There can 'be no peace among the nations without peace among the religions.'"

Kjos quotes Dominic Peccoud, speaker at the 1999 World Economic Forum who declared: "Fundamentalism is a worldwide threat" to this religious peace. To counter this threat he advises: "...to change the view that salvation depends on playing by certain religious rules: everyone is saved."

This unbiblical idea that all religions lead to a loving God (Who really didn't mean it about eternal hell) is pervasive in the minds of most westerners and taught by most religions other than Islam and Biblical Christianity.

Of course, this threat of "fundamentalism" includes Bible believers. Fundamentalism has become a dirty word because the media has tagged radical Islam with this word. But Catholicism, Secular Humanism and even mainline Christianity have joined this chorus against those who believe the King James Bible to be God's preserved Words in English.

The meltdown of the global economy is giving a huge shove toward the new world order. The bogus idea that man can do something about the global warming threat is also providing a push in that direction. Another major world-wide worry is the growing threat of high-level corruption. The turmoil in many countries today is directly caused by corrupt leaders. Mexico is in civil war over illegal drugs. Millions of Africans are starving to death or killed by preventable disease because of corruption.

President Obama is struggling to find untainted members for his cabinet. Both business and political leaders are calling for a universal system of ethics, a more "just and equitable world order." Soul winners, we need to take every possible opportunity to share the good news while unbelievers are in such quandary. We have a window of opportunity caused by this world-wide confusion.

Leaders of the 2002 World Economic Forum were given this challenge: "We enthusiastically endorse the project of initiating and continuing dialogue in order to create a framework that integrates leaders of religion, business, politics and civil society. Let us join forces to seize this opportunity." (emphasis added)

When this "integration" happens, as soul winners, we can be sure that Jesus' message that He is "the way, the truth and the life" and that "no man cometh unto the Father but by Me" will be declared too "divisive" and will be outlawed world wide.

We need to redouble our efforts in reaching as many as possible while we can. Blanket your neighborhood with tracts and clear your schedule to share the gospel with those who respond.

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