History Proves the Power of the KJV

Jesus said that a man would be known by his fruits. Apparently this also applies to Bibles. Author David Daniels, in his book Did The Catholic Church Give Us The Bible?, compares the "fruit" of the King James Bible with the modern Bibles.

God brought the greatest missionary and revival movements through Christians who believed and used the King James Bible," he writes. Then he provides the following proof:

John Eliot (1604-90) was the first Missionary financed by the SPGNE under Oliver Cromwell. Using the KJV, he published a Bible in the Algonquian Native American language and planted at least 14 churches among them.

John Wesley (1703-91) started the Methodist movement. He preached in churches when invited and in the fields when not welcomed. His preachers stressed both holiness and salvation by faith and saw whole communities converted.

George Whitefield (1714-70) also took the power of the KJV Words of God to the common man in open-air meetings. Thousands were saved on two continents. This period was known as the "Great Awakening" in both USA and the British Isles.

Jonathan Edwards (1703-58) was another famous preacher who was also part of this revival. His sermon, "Sinners in the hands of an angry God," was preached in a small Connecticut church, yet the power of his words and his Bible brought such conviction that society was cleaned up for the next 40 years.

Francis Asbury (1745-1816) covered 270,000 miles and preached 16,000 sermons as a Methodist circuit rider.

William Carey (1761-1834) is considered the father of modern missions. He used the KJV to translate the Bible into Bengali and helped publish many more Bibles in other languages.

But sometimes we overlook the fact that God's words in the KJV was the power behind the voices of the revivalists like Charles Finney and Charles Spurgeon who shook whole nations for God.

Daniels points out: "The age that brought the King James Bible was a time of incredible world missions, startling stories of salvation, of growth in the churches and of preachers who said, 'Thus saith the Lord' with conviction."

Today, many are talking about revival but Christian Researcher George Barna is not able to find it. After extensive study he concludes: "It appears that most Americans like the security and the identity of the label 'Christian' but resist the biblical responsibilities that are associated with that identification. For most Americans, being a Christian is more about image than action."

In Did The Catholic Church Give Us The Bible?, author Daniels demonstrates that there are only two Bibles. One is God's perfect words in English, the KJV. The others are all counterfeits that the Devil is using to create confusion and uncertainty in the body of Christ. The counterfeits may bring some change in people's lives but history proves that true revival power comes through the KJV.