Homosexual Approval the Result of Decades of Lies

One of the most serious "sins" in our culture is to try to change a homosexual. Presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann and her husband were recently viciously attacked in the media for operating a biblical counseling service that purported to be able to help someone who wanted out of that lifestyle.

Of course, using biblical truth to promote this process was too dangerous to tolerate. If it ever became general knowledge that there was really a way out of the sordidness, much of the steam would leak out of their drive for approval.

Bible believers must be aware of the seriousness of the homosexual attack on our freedom to share the gospel. The open hostility that we are seeing today is the culmination of decades of advanced planning. It is said that the leaders of Islam discouraged their people from coming to America 50 years ago because they feared the power of the gospel to win Muslims to Christ. That same biblical power also held the demons from Sodom in check.

But we had begun to dilute that power several decades earlier as our Bible colleges, that were established to train Bible-believing pastors, opened the door to the "liberal arts," adding unbiblical philosophies such as evolution, humanism, and Freudian psychology. These became the seedbed for skepticism of the Bible and the Devil`s foot was inside the door.

It is ironic that Harvard University was established as a Bible College to train pastors and now has produced men who are at the center of the sodomite juggernaut. In a book titled "The Overhauling of Straight America," Marshall K. Kirk and Hunter Madsen (pen name, Erastes Pill) detail the grand strategy for cramming homosexuality down our throats. Both are Harvard educated and they co-authored a book detailing how they would overcome the objections of the American people to same-sex relationships.

Kirk and Madsen first called for "a massive media campaign to change the image of homosexuals." It was to talk "loudly and often" about "gayness." Hollywood cooperated by casting homosexuals in favorable roles in popular movies and TV.
Another plan was to cast homosexuals as victims. The news media became good at that, running and rerunning stories of abuse and attacks on homosexuals. These were so few that they had to distort the truth in cases like Matthew Shepard who was killed in a robbery, but happened to be homosexual. He is still the poster boy victim of so-called "homophobia."

Public images were to be only sympathetic figures of nice young people, old people, and attractive women. Pedophiles, promiscuous males, and members of the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) are kept off screen.

Another example is the campaign for same-sex marriage. It is always a nice, ordinary couple who have been in a "committed relationship" for a long time, wanting to establish a "stable family." No mention is made of the fact that the majority of such unions are "open marriages" where each partner is free to seek sexual adventure in the broader scene. Their book details many other subterfuges that we recognize from watching their very successful campaign.

Recent polls show that the majority of Americans have bought their lies. Bible believers are almost alone in opposing this abomination. Thus we are the last focus of their venom. Hate speech laws are near approval that could shut our voices.

We need to speak up while there is still time. Chick Publications has a couple of tracts, Sin City and Uninvited, that show God`s view of this abomination. Most folks are just riding along with their campaign. If we can saturate our communities with God`s truth, it might put a stop to this drive of evil.

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