Homosexual Teachers Emboldened by Marriage Law

Now that the Massachusetts Supreme Court has legalized homosexual marriage, sodomite activists are pressuring the public schools there to talk more in the classrooms about homosexual relationships. A new curriculum is being drawn up that presents same-sex relationships as part of the "social norm."

National Public Radio quoted one teacher who was delighted. She teaches 8th grade sex education and keeps a picture of her lesbian partner on her desk. In her class, she describes in graphic detail how two women can have sexual intercourse. She says she is emboldened, now that same-sex marriage is legal.

On the other end of the scale are teachers who claim they will quit before they will teach from a homosexual curriculum or assign reading in books like "Heather Has Two Mommies," and "Daddy's Roommate," or "Gloria Goes to Gay Pride." These books, published by Alyson Publications, target the kindergarten to 3rd grade readers. When these books first began appearing on public library shelves several years ago, they caused a public furor. Local parents who raised objections were generally shouted down as intolerant, bigoted, homophobes.

Now, public schools will come under even more pressure to include these "alternate families" as normal. The Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) is organized primarily to develop "gay-friendly" teaching materials. They have chapters in most of the major cities to lobby school districts and government departments to include their curriculum in the schools. A search in Google for GLSEN returned over 32,000 hits.

The homosexual lobby wants us to think same-sex marriage is no big deal, but legal standing is only the start. They will not stop until every voice is silenced that objects to their sin. Somewhere the line must be drawn. When a culture begins approving sin and laws are changed to legalize it, there is no stopping. Alcoholics already have a certain legitimacy now that they "have a disease" instead of the sin of drunkenness.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that sodomy was legal when between consenting adults in private. Does not prostitution also fit into this definition? Even now, it gets little attention from police departments. Adultery was once a chargeable offence. The North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) marches its banner in the gay pride parades. Their position is that consensual sex between adults and children should also be legalized. In many countries, age of consent laws have been reduced to the low teens.

And on it goes until all restraint is cast aside and the culture disintegrates into debauchery. When one safeguard such as the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman is trampled, others will follow. The homosexual activists want control of the next generation. Our school children are their prime target.

We need to vote for leaders who will stand up against this attack on the laws. Then we need to go into the classrooms of our children and see what is being taught. We need to rally around our Christian teachers and find ways to oust the ones who teach perversion.

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