How Did We Get Here?

Many people today are asking: "How did we get here?" Those who are watching the government and those watching the church are asking the same question. While the government was legalizing the sins of abortion and sodomy the church seemed asleep. But it goes much further back than these recent events.

Two DVDs have surfaced that attempt to connect the dots in history behind the rot in our culture. One is a detailed history of the Bible and how, even today, all the popes have conspired to deny access to the Truth. As soon as this prostitute church got enough power, she tried to burn every copy of God`s words. Stymied by the Reformation, she now plots to supplant it with "modern versions" based on polluted manuscripts. This DVD, entitled A Lamp in the Dark, spends three intriguing hours detailing the running battle over the centuries to put God`s Words into the hands of the common man. It finishes by exposing the involvement of the Jesuits in giving us bibles with changed, contradictory, and missing verses to destroy our trust that we really have God`s Words. How can a church influence the culture when it is not sure it can trust its Bible?

The other DVD is called, Agenda.  When Jesus said that Satan was the father of lies, we should have paid more attention. A careful look at the political and cultural mess we are in exposes a whole host of these lies that we have swallowed without a second look. Agenda takes a detailed look at one pack of these lies espoused by Karl Marx. Most people think that "communism" is dead, buried somewhere in Russia. Agenda shows how clever Satan is at renaming his lies so that the next generation will swallow them with just another flavor of sugar coating. Paul told the Thessalonians that those who refused God`s truth would be given a strong delusion. Usually this "delusion" comes in the form of "another gospel," one that will bring salvation without benefit of God`s help. In the past hundred years, billions of people have bought into the "other gospel" of Marxism in one way or another. Their trust has been placed in the "state" instead of their Creator.

In the Old Testament, Israel`s first step into idolatry was to move their trust from the Lord to some pagan idol. As we look back on the history of the Western World, including America, we see a steady gravitation of trust away from the "Providence" that our Founding Fathers relied on to the idols of evolution, human potential, self-esteem, welfare, government entitlements, "nanny state," etc.

Agenda details how the modern Marxists (aka Socialists, aka progressives), laid out their goals for America several decades ago and how successful they have been in accomplishing them.

Their success presents a huge challenge to Bible believers. As we look around, we see a culture that has bought into a number of "other gospels." Lost people are running all over the place chasing the false promises of Satan`s lies. Even churches and their members have bought into some of these with behavior just like the world.

In Romans 1:18, Paul speaks of God`s wrath on those "who hold the truth in unrighteousness." We believers need to wake up to the massive attack on our culture by the peddlers of these "other gospels."  We need to get back to walking in holiness and sharing the true Gospel with all who will listen. These two DVDs can be powerful weapons in this fight.

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