Is Britain Finished?

Several reports coming out of Britain indicate a growing concern about the increasing influence of the Muslim population.

The Bishop of Rochester, the Rt. Rev. Michael Nazir-Ali, recently faced death threats after writing in The Sunday Telegraph that islamization was turning some communities into "no-go" areas for non-Muslims.

This was illustrated recently when two street preachers were witnessing in a Muslim neighborhood in Birmingham, England. They were told by the police that they could not preach there and that attempting to convert Muslims to Christianity was a hate crime. They were told to leave, and if they returned and were "beaten up," that they had "been warned."

Nazir-Ali also observed that Christianity had been replaced with "endless self indulgence" in British society, leaving a vacuum that Islam was ready to fill. He doubted British society had the moral and spiritual strength to resist this attack.

Other disturbing signs are showing up.  Britain`s biggest teacher`s union is calling for the teaching of the Qur`an in the public schools.

One Catholic school, with over 90 percent Muslim students, is being petitioned by the parents to convert the school to instruction in Islam instead of Catholicism.

Archbishop Rowan Williams, head of Britain`s Anglican church recently stated publicly that it was "unavoidable" that some parts of Islamic law (sharia) would be introduced into British society. This law is the foundation of governments in Iran and Saudi Arabia that forbid all forms of Christian witness.

During the "Islamization" of a nation, at under 2 percent of the population, Muslims are viewed as a peace-loving minority. When they approach 5 percent, they develop enclaves or ghettos where non-Muslims are unwelcome.

They also begin to recruit among street gangs, prisoners and other discontents. France has 8 percent and has had hundreds of cars burned by street gangs. These "no-go" zones revert to rule by sharia law and government police often fear to enter.

At 10 to 20 percent, jihad militias begin forming, churches and synagogues are attacked, and riots occur over things like anti-Islamic cartoons and videos. Kenya and parts of India and Russia are in this category. Above 40 to 60 percent, unfettered persecution breaks out against all "non-believers," with genocide and ethnic cleansing as in Albania, Bosnia and Lebanon.

The goal is to usher in "Dar-es-salaam" the Islamic House of Peace where everyone is Muslim. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Somalia, and Afghanistan are examples of 99-100 percent. Sharia rules, the Qur`an is the only Word and even possessing a Bible in these countries can be a capital offense.

Bishop Nazir-Ali also stated that "only Judeo-Christian values could stand up adequately against the threat posed by radical Islam." He does not believe that Britain has enough of these "values" left to resist the attack. In the U.S., at one percent, we are seeing the grouping and resistance to assimilating into the rest of society. These become the seedbed for later efforts to ultimately take over the nation.

Is America Next?

The big question: Will America have sufficient "Judeo-Christian values" to resist? Of course, that all depends on the soul winners. Ministries that focus on Muslim societies are reporting many conversions, especially among the young people.

When they discover that the God of the Bible is a loving, forgiving God instead of a vengeful, unpredictable judge, like Allah, they often accept Jesus even though it sometimes means death at the hands of their own family.

Bible believers, if we can win enough Muslims to keep the percentage to one percent, we can prevent the problems here that Europe is experiencing. For help in witnessing to Muslims, see Christ, Muhammad and I, Who is this Allah, Anatomy of the Qur`an from Chick Publications, and Islamic Invasion by Robert Morey.

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